How to layer your skincare ingredients

How to layer your skincare ingredients

When it comes to your skincare routine, the basic rule of thumb is to apply your products in order of their consistency. This means you should start with your most lightweight liquids first, and finish with any heavier and thicker creams to get the best results.

To help you achieve and maintain a smooth and even complexion whilst eliminating issues such as dark spots, redness, inflammation and an uneven skin tone, it’s important to create a consistent skincare routine that includes these powerful products – and in this order of application:

Cleanse & tone

After you’ve cleansed your skin, start with a toner. With its water-like formula, this is going to be the thinnest consistency of all your skincare products. Even in the most basic routine, a toner acts as a gentle exfoliator whilst hydrating and regenerating the skin, making your moisturiser more effective as a result.  

There are many different types of toner including those with hydrating and oil-absorbing properties, however, opt for a toner with ingredients such as salicylic or glycolic acid, as these will act as exfoliants to loosen dead skin cells and keep pores clear. Toner should be applied prior to any serums so that the serum can penetrate deeper.

Serums & antioxidants

Similarly to toner, there are a number of serums designed for specific skin types, meaning you can use two or three different serums to target your main areas of concern. Try formulas with peptides for wrinkles, salicylic acid for oily skin, and aloe vera to calm redness.

The One by Amare Vita is an all-in-one serum, moisturiser, primer and SPF that has been specifically formulated to combat environmental stressors, deeply moisturise and enrich the skin. It contains some of the most hard-working antioxidants including Vitamins C and E to not only protect your skin from harmful UV rays and pollution, but also free radicals – molecules in the environment that damage your skin by clinging to your collagen and weakening elasticity.

Incorporating antioxidants into your skincare routine can help fight these free radicals, as well as slow down the ageing process by promoting collagen production, calming irritation, brightening and smoothing out fine lines, leaving your skin looking younger and firmer than ever.

Moisturiser & oils

Moisturiser does more than just add hydration and lock in moisture. It’s key to any layering routine because it seals in serums on your skin, which can make them more effective. Keep it basic if you have normal to oily skin, and for dry skin, try a rich restorative or daily hydrating cream.

Oil I Dream Of by Amare Vita is a brightening, rejuvenating, nourishing and repairing concentrated night oil. Containing a powerful cocktail of clinically trialled ingredients including Vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, it deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin whilst helping to reduce signs of ageing – all while you sleep. Apply on dry areas after your moisturiser for best results.


It’s important to properly protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, even in overcast or colder weather. Using a broad-spectrum SPF of at least Factor 30 is essential – even if your moisturiser or foundation contains SPF – because a beautiful sun kissed tan in the short term can lead to hyperpigmentation and dark sun or age spots over time.

SPF is the last step in your daytime skincare routine as it sits on top of your skin. If it’s applied first, it prevents other ingredients from penetrating. Opting for an ultra-lightweight SPF is ideal for layering over multiple products.


Ending your night-time routine with retinol helps prevent blemishes, severe acne and even related scarring by keeping pores unclogged. Unlike many other anti-ageing and acne products that focus only on the removal of dead skin cells, retinol works to go deep beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin).

All Amare Vita products can be used both day and night thanks to the bakuchiol they contain. This natural alternative to retinol helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts cellular regeneration, promotes a more even skin tone and supports skin elasticity and firmness without causing irritation.

Please note: Not all bakuchiol extracts provide the same proven results as our products.

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