Salon Partnership Scheme

If you're a UK based business, makeup artist, salon owner, or beautician, you're in luck!

You can now order our luxury range of strong, multifunctional skincare products to stock in-store at a heavily reduced wholesale rate thanks to our new initiative. Our exclusive rates allow you to make a generous return on your investment when sold to customers at the recommended retail price. 

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We’re happy to negotiate our wholesale rates to ensure you receive the best possible return, and we can set up a call to discuss this thoroughly.

But for every 5 units ordered, we’ll include one product for FREE so you can use it in store as a tester, as part of your clients’ beauty treatments, or for personal use.

However, as a thank you for your first bulk order of Amare Vita products, we’ll send you our entire range to try for yourself, including:

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Amare Vita Skincare was created by Ita Ohayon, a self-confessed chemistry geek with a passion for skincare. 

As a working mother of three, she struggled to find time for a daily skincare routine, and upon reviewing the ingredients in her skincare products, Ita noticed similarities. Realising she could condense her routine into a small handful of effective products, Ita used her degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry to create her own. 

We’re big believers in ‘skinimalism’, but that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. The entire Amare Vita collection has been expertly developed to combat the impact that environmental and internal stressors have on our skin.

We recognise that we lead busy lifestyles and are often multitasking, so we wanted to create a simplified approach to skincare – and one which will multitask for us!

Every single one of our products contains natural, clinically tested ingredients such as bakuchiol – the natural alternative to retinol – to combat the effects of both extrinsic and intrinsic damage including dry skin, inflammation, enlarged pores and skin issues triggered by hormonal changes. That means they’re also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those with sensitive skin!

All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, GMO free and Halal. They contain +70% naturally derived, organic ingredients and are packaged in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer minimal products with maximum results. Our tight-knit range tackles a number of skincare problems, meaning you can spend less money on fewer products, whilst still achieving the same results. The current cost of living crisis means we are all trying to save more than ever before, and with Amare Vita, your customers can.

By stocking our products, not only would you be supporting and increasing awareness of the ‘streamlined skincare’ movement, but you would be providing your customers with a luxury yet affordable skincare range that has been proven to prolong the effects of beauty treatments and provide long-lasting results.


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